the importance of being antónio de macedo


antónio de macedo (1931−2017) was a portuguese filmmaker, writer, university professor and lecturer. he gave up filmmaking in the 1990s as he felt systematically excluded from the state support programs of the portuguese ministry of culture, the only financial source for film production in portugal at that time. consequently, he dedicated himself entirely to writing, investigation and teaching. he authored numerous books and essays spanning philosophy and fiction.
inspired by macedo’s experimental work and preambles with the genres of fantasy and speculative fiction, bonneville created the inaugural performance of the importance of being as a sort of resumption and resurrection, following the demise of their alter ego in the previous series (see mb#9).

director, writer, performer, costumes: mi̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ bonneville. original soundtrack and sound design: blackbambi. lighting design: nuno patinho. artistic support: cláudia varejão. visual content: joana linda. press office: sara oliveira. executive production: daniel abrantes. co-production: teatro do vestido, centro cultural de belém, festival temps d’images. support: cinemateca portuguesa, cinesonics, saída de emergência edições.

21st – 22nd of december 2013, centro cultural de belém, festival temps d’images, lisbon, portugal

13th of july 2019, estar em casa – são luiz teatro municipal, lisbon, portugal