not entirely comfortable with the term “curator,” bonneville feels it extends beyond the simple act of selecting and arranging works in exhibition spaces. they prefer to see themselves as organizers of cycles or exhibitions, actively seeking to create connections between artists and spaces. they see this practice as an extension of their own work as an artist, typically collaborating with artists with whom they share artistic, conceptual, and ethical bonds.
their goal is to encourage the creation of works that engage uniquely with the environment that hosts them. often, this involves bringing non-conventional artists to adapt their works to institutional spaces or creating opportunities for artists to develop specific pieces for non-traditional venues.
in their role as an organizer, bonneville strives to push the boundaries between art and space. they seek unconventional venues that eschew the sterility often associated with contemporary art galleries, aiming to breathe new life into artists’ works and offer audiences more intimate and immersive artistic encounters.